Hybrid Browser

Context-aware graphing and data exploration.

The hybrid browser servers two purposes: first it serves as a navigation tool, allowing users to browser through the data set. For example, one could browse to CSA and see a list of all the CSA missions. From there, one could browse to Radarsat-2 and see the details of that mission. Then the user could find other missions that use radar instrumentation.

The second purpose is to provide useful, contextual charts. Using the previous example, when navigating from CSA to Radarsat-2, one might see a chart with all of the CSA missions, and what percentage of them contain radar instruments.

Instruments by Measurement Type

Helping to find the forest among the trees.

The bubble chart provides a way to visualize the comparative magnitudes of a large number of objects. Possible uses for this for Data Policy purposes include:

  • showing the number of missions per agency
  • showing the number of available instruments per measurement type
  • showing the number of instruments per mission

The bubble chart can also incorporate color as a dimension. So in a plot of missions per agency, the agencies could be color-code by country. Or in a plog of intruments per measurement type, the measurement types could be colored by category: atmospheric measurements might by light blue and ground cover measurements might be orange.